Almost to Santiago

We have spent a few more days on the Camino Frances. Compared to walking the Norte, this trail is gentle with rolling hills rather than mountains, and is well groomed and well marked. Much of it has been spent on quiet wooded paths with farms along the way and the occasional small village to wander through.  A very enjoyable end to a most amazing walk.

An old 9th century church in a very quiet village:



We came across this woman washing her clothes in the town’s laundry hut. We’ve have seen a few of these old structures but this is the first one that was actually operational. When I asked about taking her photo, she happily obliged.



Mother Mary can be found in the oddest places.  Here, as we passed through the city of Palas de Rei, she is standing in the middle of what is now a municipal parking lot, probably an old pedestrian plaza from many, many years ago.


Upon leaving Palas de Rei this little guy was spotted near his mom:

An abundance of wild mushrooms:


Rocinante (“old nag” in Spanish) and her owner have been wandering through Spain for the last few years.



Here and there:






A stone “bridge” across a stream:


On the other side:

A drive leading to rural accommodations:


Entering a small village:

They love their cows. As they should–they produce wonderful cheeses!  They are memorialized here . . .

And the real thing in front of us on the Camino . . .

The color of our upstairs bathroom is a paint by Benjamin Moore called “Twisted Oak Path”.  Yesterday we walked that path and it made me smile.

We’ve seen many dogs throughout Spain. Many are treated like royalty, especially in the cities where they go everywhere with their owners. In more rural areas, the treatment can be different and at times it appears to be less humane by U.S. standards.  As hard as it’s been, I’ve pretty much ignored many of the dogs I’ve seen except for sending them a kind word. However, when this sweet, shy girl was politely waiting at an outdoor cafe late one morning, we couldn’t resist helping her out.  She happily, yet with much dignity, accepted the leftover breakfast sandwich we had with us.  Yes, she is missing a paw.  If I had found her State-side, she would have come home with me.

Peregrinos setting out in the morning with their dogs:

Morning walk:

Another beautiful, ancient church:

This is where we are spending our last night on the Camino. It’s just outside of Lavacolla and it’s perfect. Tomorrow we walk our final eight kilometers into Santiago.

Author: Maureen

I decided to walk across Spain to pursue the many things I love about life: the great outdoors, spending time with friends, meeting new people, food, wine, music, and challenging the physical self. I'm fortunate to have a wonderful husband who has provided me with the encouragement, support, and love I've needed over the past several months of training and preparing.

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