Day 18 – 19 — Beyond  Santillana Del Mar

We spent an extra day in Santillana del Mar to allow our muscles to rest and blisters to heal.  The next day, feeling rested we walked about 23k to the resort town of Comillas. It’s a very pretty town and since it was Saturday, families and tourist were out in large numbers.  Here are a few pictures along the way:

A tractor leading dairy cows to the next field:

A primitive sculpture on a 12th century church:

The long and winding road . . . or the path ahead:
Sweet friends we met along the way:

Ancient dwelling:

Old church:


Holywater font:

Back to the sea:

Stone walled roads and walkways:

Into Comillas:

Pre-dinner drinks:

Spanish rooftops:

Author: Maureen

I decided to walk across Spain to pursue the many things I love about life: the great outdoors, spending time with friends, meeting new people, food, wine, music, and challenging the physical self. I'm fortunate to have a wonderful husband who has provided me with the encouragement, support, and love I've needed over the past several months of training and preparing.

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