Walking the Camino Frances

As I may have mentioned our plan after Oviedo was to drop down and finish our walk into Santiago on the more popular Camino Frances.  We were delayed in Lugo an extra day and a half by a stomach bug. Considering we’ve been eating out for nearly 6 weeks straight, we consider ourselves lucky that we made it this far without any major issues (blisters and lost toenails don’t count).

Unfortunately we can’t say the same for our friend and walking partner, Denise. While we were in Oviedo we learned that Denise had twisted her ankle. It was a tough decision but after two days of recuperating in Navia, she realized she needed to return home.  We were saddened by this news but her spirit continues with us as we near Santiago.

The Frances can’t compare with the jaw-dropping scenery of the Norte but it has a soft beauty which I’m finding more difficult to catch on camera.

An old pedestrian bridge that was once part of the Camino. I was relieved to learn that there was a newer, more modern bridge available.

A peaceful walk in the woods:

We came across this peregrino memorial cross on the trail. Flags, pictures, rosaries, shoes, coffee beans, prayer cards, stones, and much more, all left behind by pilgrims.

Cafe stop and our feline entertainment:




Very pastoral setting in this part of Galicia:

And a few small pig farms:

A peregrino ditched his boot on this beautiful wall:

I believe this is another type of grain storage house:


Judy along the Camino:

On the Norte, one might hike all day without seeing another peregrino. Not on the Frances. This is a bar in Portomarín filled with peregrinos.  The numbers and activity were overwhelming at first but we’ve adjusted.

Back onto a quiet path:

Ivy covered trees:


A welcoming shell at an albergue:


A lovely home:

A man and his dog out bird hunting. If you look close enough you can see a couple of birds hanging from his belt.


Camino ready:

Author: Maureen

I decided to walk across Spain to pursue the many things I love about life: the great outdoors, spending time with friends, meeting new people, food, wine, music, and challenging the physical self. I'm fortunate to have a wonderful husband who has provided me with the encouragement, support, and love I've needed over the past several months of training and preparing.

One thought on “Walking the Camino Frances”

  1. Really sorry to hear about Denise’s ankle. Just glad that you two are proceeding – and nearing the finish. Your “boys” here are really ready to get you back. I think you will be MUCH appreciated (even more so than before, of course)! We miss you, too. Have a great final several days. We eagerly await your return.


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