A Short Break from the Camino 

When we learned that good friends would be passing through Oviedo, Judy and I decided to take a short vacation from walking and took a bus from Luarca down to meet them.   This was a much needed rest for our feet and gave us the opportunity to park ourselves in a hotel for three nights in a row!

A few photos from Oviedo:

Cathedral Oviedo:






The Celtic influence in Northern Spain is apparent.



And then their were  men on stilts for no particular reason:


And a canon . . .

Friends watching the entertainment:

First course at dinner:

And after dinner:

Around the city:

Basilica San Juan:


Above the train station, Salvador Dali – 1974:

Moon over Oviedo:

Author: Maureen

I decided to walk across Spain to pursue the many things I love about life: the great outdoors, spending time with friends, meeting new people, food, wine, music, and challenging the physical self. I'm fortunate to have a wonderful husband who has provided me with the encouragement, support, and love I've needed over the past several months of training and preparing.

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