Took a training hike today in the Taunus Mountains just outside of Wiesbaden. On the way up we passed a beautiful Russian Orthodox Church. Our hike was followed by a pre-Camino celebration with friends old and new, made complete with Spanish “Camino” wines. 

What, Where, and Why

Walk, eat, sleep, repeat.  That, along with wonderful food and great wine, describes the life that I will share with two friends as we walk across Spain following the Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James) from the city of Irun to Santiago de Compostela.  We are allowing six weeks to complete the 500 mile journey and plan to travel the Camino Norte, the northern most route.  I have set up this photo blog so that friends and family can follow our journey.
This journey actually began one evening in May 2015 over drinks with two friends, Denise and Judy.  We were talking about where we would like to travel on our next vacation when Denise, our American friend residing in Germany, brought up the subject of the three of us walking the Camino de Santiago.  I had never heard of this walk or understood what it entailed but fueled by wine and good friendship, I agreed with enthusiasm.  The next morning I laid awake in bed thinking, “How do I get out of this?”.   Just the same, I was intrigued and decided to pursue the idea.  Over the weeks and then months that followed, I researched the Camino.  Judy, who was somewhat familiar with the Camino,  insisted we watch the movie “The Way”.  That helped.  Over the next several months we watched a documentary or two and Denise continued to coach us from the other side of the Atlantic.  My enthusiasm was building but it was my first trip to REI with Judy that sealed the deal.  We were going to do this.  We had just spent hundreds of dollars on boots and backpacks–life changing in itself.  I realized at that moment I had not just begun planning a long walk, I was starting a whole new chapter in my life.  Walk, eat, sleep, repeat . . .